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Portfolio of Work

Tonbridge School

A-Level Final Project : Kinetic Light Fitting

For my Design Technology A-level I designed and built a kinetic light fitting designed for a stylish and modern wine bar. The final design incorporated wine bottles on the end of polished aluminium tubular arms with a crank mechanism slowly driving the arms up and down in a wave pattern.

AS Level Design Project: Ski Helmet Wind Turbine

For the design project component of my Design Technology AS level I designed a wind turbine to be attached to ski helmets which would charge the user’s phone and power an electroluminescent fog light. I produced a 3D printed proof of concept model to test how effectively the device could be mounted on helmets and test the turbine design

AS Level Manufacture Project: Double Acting Oscillating Engine

For the manufacturing component of my Design Technology AS level, I built a double-acting oscillating engine. This utilised a wide range of manufacturing techniques including casting, turning, brazing, soldering, milling as well as a lot of attention to detail.

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