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Portfolio of Work

University of Cambridge

Fourth Year Final Project- Recreating Leonardo Da Vinci's File Cutting Machine (2018)

Based on a sketch drawn by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th Century, I designed, built, and analysed a file-cutting machine which automatically produced metal-working files. It is thought that this was the first time da Vinci's machine has ever been built. I made a number of improvements to da Vinci's design, such as altering the mechanism so that the movement of the file blank is paused during each hammer strike,  designing a new mechanism to control the motion of the hammer to improve reliability and robustness, and adding the ability to adjust the depth and pitch of the teeth cut...

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Conceptual Design Project - A Household Waste Compactor (2016)

When challenged to improve the efficiency of household waste collection I chose to tackle the problem of excess air in bins. From experimentation with my own bin, I noticed that "full" bins were actually full of air and could be relatively easily compacted reducing the volume by 50%. I designed a wheelie bin with a screw-based mechanism to compact waste which would allow bins to be collected less often thereby improving efficiency. The design was praised for its practicality and buildability and was awarded a prize sponsored by Costain for being one of the best projects.

Integrated Design Project- A Robotic Vehicle (2017)

This project involved working in a team to design and build a robot to complete a specified task. The robot had to pick up a small cast component, rotate it to the correct orientation, detect the presence of flashing on the casting and check the temperature did not breach a threshold value before either inserting the component into an ‘engine block’ or delivering it to a reject bin. It had to do this five times in five minutes...

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